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Design a corporate identity for a new city.

Innopolis is a new city in the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. It is built to become a center for innovation and technology, and home to young industry professionals.
Innopolis has its own urban ecosystem, a population of five thousand people, and ambitious plans for the future.

Here at Kindbeetle, we designed a brand identity and a coat of arms to help Innopolis achieve its goals.

January 1 2016

The symbol looks like both a microchip and a shield. The microchip is a metaphor for electronics technology, while the shield is a symbol of protection and strength.

Aq Bars, a winged snow leopard, appears on the coat of arms of Tatarstan. On that of Innopolis, this legendary creature is shown holding a laptop—one of the things today’s professionals use daily in their work.

We developed more than one design concept for Innopolis.

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