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Krasniy Karandash
brand identity

Task: rebrand logo.

Krasniy Karandash sells stationery products and art supplies in Moscow. Over the last three years, it has become a valued partner to many galleries and exhibitions, and has launched its own line of products. In Russian, the name translates to "red pencil". The company wished for a new logo that would better match its modern business style, without leaping too far into the future.

Here at Kindbeetle, we created a simple and recognizable design — the letter K with a pencil tip.

April 12 2017

Mild brand colors could complement rather than conflict with brightly-colored goods.
The new logo also has an alternate, simplified variant. Or, on some occasions, the symbol-only approach might work best.

Krasniy Karandash chose the latter version — a more serious and straight-forward design, in classic colors.

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