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Task: Create design guidelines for construction sites at VDNKh in Moscow.

VDNKh is a trade show and amusement park, with many construction and renovation projects currently underway — the park's new look will include reconstructed historic buildings as well as new objects and sites. Visitors enjoy VDNKh all year round, and building works may cause some inconvenience and visual nuisance, such as dull fencing, blocked passageways and obstructed sidewalks.

To keep visitors both cheerful and well informed, the park sought a simple and reasonably priced solution to make various construction sites more visually appealing.

April 5 2017

The modular solution consists of blocks that can be placed on fences, buildings and scaffolds, helping to create a uniform look. The labels use different color versions of the same abstract pattern. The slogan "Construction today, heritage tomorrow" encourages visitors to see the bigger picture — one day in the future, they might look back and say "Oh! I saw it being built."

We designed templates for all types of objects. Blocks containing text, with construction project details, can be combined with blocks with photos, sponsors and partners information, and slogan blocks. With such variety, even the longest fences will become less monotonous in appearance. Sponsored projects and navigation modules have their own templates.
For large buildings, there are patterned facade covers. The large format pattern, with its constructivism inspired architectural elements, has a clean geometric feel.
To accompany the design for VDNKh, we developed practical application guidelines, including dos and don'ts examples. 

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